Read how Yarra really has given our YOG’s the confidence to achieve and how they in turn inspire today’s Yarra Grammarians.


YOG 2014


YOG 1982

Head of Supply & Inventory, Australia Post

YOG 1987

Music Producer

YOG 1979

Award Winning Australian Children’s Author

YOG 2012

Manager, Restructuring Services, Deloitte

YOG 2013

Freelance Musician and Musical Director

YOG 1985

CEO East Gippsland Shire Council

YOG 2002

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

YOG 1998

Teacher and Professional Runner

YOG 2002

CEO, South Fremantle Football Club

YOG 1999

Businesswoman and children's author

YOG 2013

Police Constable

YOG 1978

Musician and Author

YOG 2000

Squadron Leader, Royal Australian Air Force

YOG 1988

Artist and Creative Director

YOG 2009

Fleet Performance Engineer

YOG 1984

Athlete and Sports Marketer

YOG 1975

Professor of Physics, University of Melbourne

YOG 1971

International Executive

YOG 1984

Assistant Commissioner (Road Policing Command) Victoria Police


Australian Federal Police Officer

YOG 1971

General Practitioner

YOG 1994

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

YOG 1994

Television journalist

YOG 2010

Head booker at a modelling agency

YOG 1997

Health Psychologist

YOG 2015

Exercise Sports Scientist

YOG 2006

Olympic Diver and Businessman


Foundation Student and Property Investor


Musical Director

YOG 2006

Project Lead at Scope Australia and LGBTIQ advocate

YOG 1982

Foundation Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Queensland

YOG 1992

CEO Australian Dental Prosthetists Association

YOG 2012

Music Theatre Performer

YOG 1996

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Assistant Concert Master

YOG 2012

Saxophonist and Music Teacher

YOG 1982

Councillor, East Gippsland Shire Council

YOG 1987

Applications Manager, Business Intelligence

YOG 1979

Innovator - Rock Climbing Wall Creator


CEO & Chairman

YOG 1990

Author and Blogger of The Modern Parent


Development Manager, AFL NSW ACT

YOG 1989

CEO Donwood Community Aged Care Services

YOG 1996

General Counsel, Impact Investment Group

YOG 1995

Official Secretary to the Governor-General of Australia


Marketing & Business Manager

YOG 1986

Industrial Designer with Apple


Professor of Veterinary Ophthalmology

YOG 2001

Government Relations Consultant

YOG 1971

Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer

YOG 1990

Business Owner and President of Yarra Old Grammarians

YOG 1993

Premier Cricket Development Manager, Cricket Australia


Victorian cricketer

YOG 2002

Business Development Manager, Industry Engagement, RMIT University

YOG 2009

Netballer and Learning & Development Specialist


Licensed Estate Agent

YOG 1994

Commanding Officer, Royal Australian Navy


Project Officer, First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria

YOG 2002

Emergency Medicine Doctor

YOG 1987

Chief Executive Officer, MYOB

YOG 2005

Former professional footballer

YOG 1991

State Manager, Victoria at Mott MacDonald & President of White Owl for Men's Health Awareness

YOG 1992


YOG 1981

Entrepreneur and property developer

YOG 1985

Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer

YOG 2013

International Integration Aide

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